The services we provide are unique to each client’s situation, and our experience in the field has made us well equipped to assist with the most challenging scenarios that individuals and families might face. Our capabilities and functions focus on the following needs:


  • Serve as Trustee, Power of Attorney, and Conservator
  • Manage Investments
  • Pay bills
  • Buy and sell assets, including real estate and automobiles


  • Serve as Guardian and Power of Attorney
  • Treatment options and decisions
  • In-home support
  • Medical Coordination
  • Placement when appropriate



  • Personal connection
  • Advocacy
  • There when you can’t be
  • A means to bridge family differences


  • Serve as Personal Representative or Executor
  • Vast knowledge of legal options
  • In-depth experience navigating Probate Court
  • Experience working with professionals in other states as necessary