We work with clients in advance to give advice, offer recommendations, or arrange future support services when possible.We’re passionate about our work and know that you may have many questions. Below are general questions that we frequently hear from those considering our services. Though we address some questions here, we know that every situation is different, so we encourage you to call us with questions specific to your situation.

You should begin assessing your options when you:

  • observe significant changes in the behavior of a loved one.
  • are concerned about physical, emotional, or financial abuse.
  • think that someone’s current living situation is unsafe.
  • know you’ll need to plan for the future care of someone close to you.
  • need assistance to organize care or financials when involved family members cannot cooperate.

We believe that preparation is essential, so we recommend arranging services before the actual moment you need them. This allows everyone involved to rest assured in the knowledge that a plan is in place, and there is someone to call when the time comes.

Our work ranges from coordinating monthly bill payments to managing trusts, investments, and real property. In each of these circumstances, we have a dedicated team in place and established connections so that we help and protect your loved one while maintaining his or her personal dignity.

One fiduciary service example is when we work as a Special Needs Trustee. Trusts of this nature have many requirements and limitations on what can and cannot be paid from the trust. Our team is well acquainted with rules and regulations of this nature, and we will work hard to make sure that there is no loss of income or benefits.

Yes, we do. We provide the expertise you need to navigate the guardianship and conservatorship process. We know that working through the Probate Court process or serving as guardian and/or conservator can be intimidating, but consulting with us can lead to greater understanding and a smoother process. McRae & Associates can provide the support you need during this stage of your life.

Teri has over 35 years of experience in finance, guardianship, management, and business, and started McRae & Associates in 2009. Since then, she has been involved with over 70 clients, all of whom were in different circumstances. Teri’s status as a National Certified Guardian establishes her as an industry professional, who operates in line with the National Guardianship Association’s Guiding Principles. Her fiduciary and guardianship experience, along with her service as Register of Probate for Cumberland County from 2005 to 2008, has granted her vast knowledge of the systems involved in care for incapacitated individuals.

For more about National Certified Guardian Teri McRae, please read Teri’s detailed biography on our About page.

Our group strictly adheres to the guidelines established by the National Guardianship Association, a professional organization that establishes and maintains the high level of standards and practices for the field. These guidelines enable us to efficiently and sensitively navigate cases of a delicate emotional, financial, medical, and/or legal nature(s).

Our expertise in all areas of arranging care enables us to work well with other professionals and at times fill multiple roles, streamlining the processes of communication and care.

At McRae & Associates, we believe it is important to assess each person’s complete situation and needs before taking any action, so we provide free initial consultation to those who reach out to us. If and/or when we move forward with the services you require, we bill only for time spent. We do not operate on a monthly retainer fee. For example, if no action is taken for two months, you’re not billed; we only bill for time spent on your needs.

During the initial consultation, if it seems like we are not the right fit for you, we can refer you to another professional who can serve you appropriately. We are able to confidently refer clients within a large network of professionals, all so that you can be prepared to handle your specific situation.