Teri was appointed Power of Attorney for a gentleman still able to make his own decisions. The client and Teri were active at the same time, an uncommon situation that meant that both he and Teri were capable of making decisions on a medical and/or financial level. When this is the case, Teri steps in only when she feels it is appropriate to do so.

The client was very high functioning, but had many health issues, so out of consideration for his own safety, the McRae & Associates team moved him into assisted living.

At the client’s assisted living home, the facility had a policy that if a resident fell and hit their head, they were required to go to the hospital for a checkup in case something happened. An incident of this nature happened to the client twice, and each time the facility sent him to the hospital. During each of those checkups, hospital doctors deemed it necessary to change the client’s pain medications from the long-standing and effective medications the client had been taking for some time.

Each time this occurred, a routine doctor visit turned into a week-long ordeal that made the client very distressed and upset. Nothing was wrong with the client in respect to a falling injury; rather, each week-long stay was caused by complications associated with changes to the client’s medication.

This happened a third time, and Teri stepped in to advocate on the client’s behalf. Teri’s advocacy and involvement led to a meeting with the doctors and the Palliative Care Team at the hospital, a team that focuses on the comfort and safety of a patient’s treatment instead of the customary focus of diagnose and treat. Thanks to Teri’s advocacy, the group determined it was best to leave the client on medication that had been established over time to work for him. The group also determined that the assisted living facility would agree not to send the client to the hospital, and would instead bring in hospice to deal with situations of a similar nature when they occurred.

McRae & Associates intervened at a pivotal moment to help advocate with the hospital for care – writing the right medicines – and with the facility to respect the client’s choices. The client lived at the facility until he passed, at which time McRae & Associates brought in hospice and other care as needed. The client wanted loved ones around him at that time, so our team reconnected him with his son as well as his sister and brother before his passing. McRae & Associates was with the client when he passed, and helped to coordinate his funeral and handle the Estate afterward. McRae & Associates provided support for the client and the family, just as any family member would during an emotionally challenging and difficult time.