Independent Trustees Help All Parties

Andy was 16 when her father died leaving her an orphan with $250,000 in a trust. Her aunt agreed to be her trustee.  Five years later her aunt asked me to step in. She was worn out from struggling with her niece over financial issues. I became trustee 8 years ago when Andy was 21. … Continue reading “Independent Trustees Help All Parties”

Preserving Dignity

I was shocked one day to realize this was the instruction I was giving John’s caregivers. They had just reported that wherever he went  John was taking things.  His stash included nail clippers, books, silverware and other small items.  This was the dementia acting and I didn’t want to punish John by confining him to … Continue reading “Preserving Dignity”

Income Only Trusts

I recently became trustee of a trust that provides income only to the current beneficiary and income and/or principal to the residuary beneficiaries.  In looking for an investment strategy that would work for all beneficiaries, the question of what counts as income arose. After consulting several attorneys and tax accountants the answers I got regarding … Continue reading “Income Only Trusts”